Is your child’s most challenging quality their greatest asset?

It struck me this morning as I was dealing with some super challenging behaviour stuff  that the qualities that we find most difficult in our children may actually be some of the most incredible qualities that may serve them in their life as adults?

Let me explain.

Sometimes we are so quick to judge parts of our children that we can overlook the benefit to this part of them that triggers us.

Lets look at some of the difficult qualities in our kids and look at how we can most appreciate these qualities. 

The way we frame and reframe challenges define our kids and also define how we see the world

We don’t always want to be squashing parts of them that may actually serve them well later in life. Now of course, I am not talking about rudeness or inappropriate or aggressive behaviour. Boundaries and consequences around these things are essential for well adjusted kids. But remember just because something in their behaviour triggers YOU, doesn’t mean it’s necessary a ‘bad’ quality that they are displaying. 

Are your kids any of the below?

If so which one? (Answer in solution focused only) 

I’ll start! My kids are ‘expressive and passionate and finding their way’ 

Where are your kids? 

Hope this list is helpful and don’t forget our beautiful Box of Confidence and Box of Calm are brilliant at supporting our little people with BIG feelings. You can check them out HERE

Remember – with connection – all things are possible! Alisa x 

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