Water is Enough

I talk alot about foods on my page but I’ve really been blown away to see so many children drinking out of cardboard square boxes.

Fruit juices, poppers, cordial, sports drinks, soft drinks, chocolate milks, breakfast drinks, recovery drinks. It’s actually astounding!

Children don’t need ANY of these drinks to hydrate them – especially after sport.

There is only 1 drink they need.

2 parts hydrogen. 1 part oxygen. Every time. Yep good old H2O. That is the only hydration kids need.



Kids need to get into the habit of drinking water when they are thirsty.
After sports. Special occasions. Movies. Restaurants. School holidays. It’s water that quenches your thirst. It’s water that nourishes. It’s water that hydrates cells. The rest is marketing. And refined sugar. And normally a whole bunch of other shit and toxic chemicals.

You want your kids to eat better? Stop feeding them fruit juice boxes.

And I’m sorry but 5 year olds doing sport do not need ‘electrolytes’ and the ‘glucose’ from a ‘nutriwater’

A glass of water is just fine. If you are worried about electrolytes or glucose squeeze half a fresh orange in it or do what I did – cut up a lemon. Voila! Sports recovery drink DONE.

As you were. Alisa 🙂

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