The boy with the golden tooth.

My little boy has a completely brown front tooth. We call it his ‘golden tooth’ and told him how unique and special it is. 😆 He’s often asked about it by other kids (and sometimes adults) For a while he was horribly teased about it. Other kids used to tell him he didn’t brush his teeth enough or ate too many lollies. 😩 For a while he wouldn’t smile in photographs.

We kept gently talking about the beauty of difference.

I asked him how he felt when they would say those things. He said it hurt his feelings a bit but when he thought more about it – it was probably just because his golden tooth was so special they just felt sad they didn’t have one too! 👏👏👏👊 I tell him often what a beautiful smile he has and how I love seeing his golden tooth when he laughs. 👍👍 A child told him recently ‘it’s not golden – it’s dirty poo brown’ to which I responded ‘it may look brown but we all look at colours differently and we see it as beautiful and golden’ She seemed to accept that! 😊 The tooth was damaged after a horrible face plant off his balance bike into cement when he was 3. He was riding down a hill and took his hands off and called out ‘look mum no hands’ as the bike wobbled and he flew over the handlebars as I looked on horrified watching it happen in slow mo… this led to a baby root canal and a traumatic hospital stay. #boys #heartstop I tell him how strong and brave he was and how his golden tooth is a reflection of that. I tell him it’s beautiful and he’s more beautiful because of it and difference is beautiful. His twin now wishes he had a golden tooth too.

I love his self portrait. It warmed my heart to see him drawing himself smiling happy and with his big golden tooth – he’s proud of it – and I’m proud of him for being proud of it.

Which leads me to say it’s now wobbly… and I’m going to miss it when it goes – and ‘YES!’ I told him.. the tooth fairy does pay more for a golden tooth! Mmmm but what do you reckon the going rate is for a golden tooth?!! 😂😂 What is the going rate for teeth in general these days?? Alisa x  
Big Smile!
Big Smile!

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