The 5 Sleep Secrets to Help Your Child Sleep – Naturally! ​

The 5 Sleep Secrets to Help Your Child Sleep – Naturally!

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There was no greater time of exhaustion in my life than when I had children who didn’t sleep. As a mum of kids who battled with multiple sleep issues this was one of the most challenging times of parenthood and marriage that I had ever experienced!  

I felt frazzled, teary and overwhelmed most of the time in those early months.   Those precious zzzz’s were like gold. Are you in the same boat?  It does get better!  

Here are 5 things that can make a big difference.

Spend time with your child at bedtime

Many young children experience anxiety when they are separated from their parents and also experience night-time fears.

A great way to help kids suffering from anxiety is to sit with them at night, talk about any worries they have, comfort them and be there for them before sleep.  Even 5 minutes can make a big difference. Gentle physical touch, such as a foot massage can also help as it relaxes the nervous system.

Routine, routine, routine.

Kids love it, they thrive on it, and it works. One study found that a consistent night-time routine improved sleep in children who had mild to moderate sleep problems. It helps your child learn to be sleepy.

There is no single routine that’s right for everyone, but in general, stick to the same bedtime every night and be firm about sleep time when it’s time to sleep.  If you’re child goes to bed at 7.30pm, make sure you leave enough time for rituals before bed.

Connect with a Bedtime Ritual

Having a calm environment where there is harmony in the house can go a long way to helping a child sleep well.  We suggest introducing a calming bedtime ritual, such as reciting a mantra together, focusing on gratitude using a sleep balm and reading.

Make Sleep a Priority

When parents understand the necessity for a good night’s sleep, then it becomes a family priority.  With that comes the understanding that at 7:15pm, no matter what else is going on, the ritual begins. 

Make sure you turn off any tv or computers you have at least 60 minutes before bed to allow your child to adjust from blue light exposure.  Try to avoid negotiating with your child at bedtime and do not enter into a battle if they protest. Calmly remind them of the new rules and continue. Remember, this is what they need.

Sleep environment

Make sure the bedroom is dark and quiet and the noise level in the house is low. If your child does not like a totally dark room, turn on a small night light, or leave the hall light on and the door to the bedroom open.  Once the environment in the bedroom is consistent most nights, it will also become a signal for sleep.

Don’t forget Magnesium! 

Magnesium is a mineral essential to our nervous system function. Having a relaxed nervous system means we can fall asleep and stay asleep! Magnesium is absorbed really well by the skin especially where the skin is thin which is why we’ve included it in Sleepy Head Balm!  Combining Magnesium with a unique combination of organic essential oils means that we can gently soothe and unwind – naturally! 

At 123 Nourish Me we look at getting the basics right.  Our bodies and minds are interconnected, and we believe in nourishing our little people physically and emotionally.

We have also done the hard work with developing the essential products for families with honest, clean and organic ingredients.  One of our most talked about products is our beautiful Sleepy Head Balm, which aids in relaxation for a good night’s sleep.  Parents worldwide are now using the balm as part of their sleep routine… and for good reason.  The combination of magnesium, organic essential oils and homeopathic remedies has their little ones calming right down a good night’s sleep.

Absolutely magical stuff! Started using this balm on my son around 12 months old his now 17 months old, from the very first night we used it he has slept through 12hrs plus! Previously waking 2-3 tines overnight and wanting bottles to settle back to sleep..

I’ve recommended this to sooooo many people! Wish I knew about this magic balm earlier. I’ve already ordered my 2nd jar just so i have a spare jar. – Lisa


LOVE THIS STUFF. Making bedtime a breeze we have added this to our bedtime routine, I massage it into my daughter feet whilst I read her a story and she loves it. I find it really calms her and she falls asleep faster. A little goes a long way with the balm so it last for ages. Thanks 123 Nourish Me - it’s just amazing. - Jade


AMAZING!!! We already have one good sleeper but introduced this into our bedtime routine and she falls asleep so much quicker & less restless. Our son also has benefitted from this as he takes a while to unwind, we call this his “magic cream” and he is so much easier to get to sleep & calm! - Kirri


All 123 Nourish Me Products are carefully made for environmentally conscious families.

Founders Alisa & Danni created 123 Nourish Me with the aim in mind, to reduce the toxic load on kids.  Alisa has 9 year old twins and is known as the ‘Ingredient Detective’ with a keen interest anything health and wellness, while Danni is a Family therapist with 3 children.  Her focus is on nurturing confident, kind and connected kids.   Between them their aim is to help families live happier, healthier lives.

We care about making our products safe and healthy for families – and our planet.  That’s why we use no extra packaging, minimise plastics where possible, package in glass if practical and no parabens or phthalates.  We also never test our products on animals.

We’re all about families.  We’re all about honest ingredients.  We’re all about helping our kids.  Join our 123 Nourish Me Tribe for new recipes, discount codes, information and more!

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