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I never planned to be a blogger. Or have a website of recipes. Or write books. But here I am. As this page begins to grow I am being presented with many opportunities.

I’m being asked to speak at events and on podcasts and webinars. I’m being asked to endorse products and services and other bloggers. 95% of everything I turn down. I always have.

I am only willing to promote things (or people) I feel in total alignment with and I don’t compromise on this – EVER. If I don’t use it or eat it myself or use it on my own kids – I’m not interested in promoting it here.

I got an email yesterday from a very well known person asking me to collaborate on something with them. I’m a big admirer of this person.

Then came the rough pitch from their assistant that this person has X amount of social media followers (20 x what I have) X amount of people listen to their podcasts (I’ve never done a podcast) and turns over X dollars per year from their product range.

They have SUCCESS. They have MADE IT. There is a chance for you to MAKE IT also. If you endorse this product you can have SUCCESS just like this too… bla bla..

So I declined.

Not because I think earning money from things is unimportant. It is important! I do want to earn money and be paid well for what I do. Organic food is expensive and running this blog is pretty damn pricey and time consuming too!

I declined because I’m tired of being sold this version of ‘success’

Do social media numbers, followers and likes really equal success? Does how much money you make even equal success? It doesn’t.

I’ll tell you what REAL success is:

What about how bloody hard it is to keep going in the morning when you’ve been looking after your baby all night?

Or how successful you are if you live with an illness and are trying your absolute best to cope with the pain and your fear of dying?

Or how you cope if you have lost a parent or have a sick family member and you show up day in day out in a world of pain that nobody sees and are dreading the thought of Christmas coming this year?

Or how about how successful you are if you’re managing to get through your day without having a nervous breakdown if you suffer from acute anxiety?

Or how hard it was for you to extend yourself and to make conversation with someone at school drop off when you are naturally shy and unconfident?

Or how about that you caught yourself speaking badly about your body or how you look and stopped and decided to say exactly the opposite?

Or how hard it was to tell the truth about something you feel ashamed about.

Or perhaps how successful you just were by being kind and loving to someone who just acted like a total tosser when your first impulse was to be rude and pissed off?


We need to stop thinking it’s the big stuff and stop looking for the perfect life, trying to be the perfect mother, make the perfect food, buy the perfect product, get the perfect answers from someone else online, find the program that will make us healthy, happy and here comes that BIG word – successful.

We need to cherish our many successes during the day that no-one, except your own little beating heart, will probably ever know about.

Today I folded the washing that had been sitting there for a week. I rang back a girlfriend who called me 3 days ago. I cleaned the toilet after the boys had pissed everywhere physically possible (except in the actual toilet) This morning I didn’t shout at my boys when they didn’t listen for the 5th time about getting their shoes on.

Today for 5 magical minutes I managed to sit outside in the sunshine and drink a beautiful fresh juice I’d made and actually finish the whole thing. I sat down and wrote this post to you. As far as ‘success’ goes today – I AM ROCKING IT. I’ve made it.

Lets celebrate the micro (mini) successes today! These things are far bigger and more worthy of acknowledgment that you may even realise.

The stuff you do day to day to keep your house, kids, family and yourself powering along and in connection, the stuff that is thankless and invisible is what REAL SUCCESS is. The other stuff is just white noise.

Alisa 🙂
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