5 Reasons Kids Need to Help Out

Okay this info may blow your mind

Want your child to become an independent successful adult? Get them to help out every day with things that make a house run! This is BIG!

We all want our kids to turn out well – here’s a super simple way to strengthen the success muscle in your kids. It’s from kids helping out around the house! It’s been shown that helping out with household jobs directly correlates to self discipline as an adult. So don’t ever feel guilty asking your child to make their bed or take out the rubbish. It’s good for them!

Many of us, however, find it quicker to clean up a mess made by our kids OR feel it’s our responsibility to do everything around the house. What we don’t realise is we’re doing our kids a disservice. We become enablers of poor behaviour, like them being unhelpful or entitled.

Instead we need to stop and get our HANDS OFF!
Hands off making their bed, hands off picking up their clothes, hands off taking out the rubbish. Our kids need to learn how to help out and take responsibility for themselves and others.

5 Reasons Kids Need to Help Out

Have higher self esteem

By completing household tasks, they may not always be the star student or athlete, but they will know that they can contribute to the family, begin to take care of themselves, and learn skills that they will need as an adult.

Learn life skills

The most important reason as far as I’m concerned is that getting children involved in doing chores gives them a massive set of life skills that will benefit them forever.

Learn self-discipline

There are many things in life that we have to do, even if we don’t feel like doing it. It’s so important to be able to ‘show up’ in areas of your life even when you don’t feel like it – this includes school, work and even relationships. Self-discipline is an essential skill required to do well in many areas of life.

Delay gratification

It’s good for kids to see that they aren’t always compensated immediately for their actions. Sometimes, the compensation for helping out might be an outing on the weekend or pocket money. It’s great to teach your child that if he or she helps out, it will benefit from them in the long run.

Contribute to greater success in school

In the Harvard Grant Study, the longest running longitudinal study in history, researchers identified two things that people need in order to be happy and successful:

The first? Love.

The second? Work ethic.

And what’s the best way to develop work ethic in young people? Helping out at home, from an early age.

Do your kids help out at home? What do they do?

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