Kids in the Kitchen

Getting involved

I won’t lie. My kids helping with dinner most nights is actually no ‘help’ at all. #work

But the skills they learn will equip them for life and teaching them how to prepare and love real food.

Teaching kids savoury cooking is a massive life skill.

It’s so important to instill a love of cooking or at least a respect for homemade food made from scratch (and not just sweet baked goods) but real nourishing sustaining meals.

A recent talk I gave at a kindergarten was so interesting when I noticed how many kids didn’t know the names of basic vegetables.

We’ve got to normalise real food and what it looks like.

Our grandmothers used to do it and we are losing the art of teaching this to our kids because we are all so busy. We have to slow down. Make real food. Teach them how to do it and how flavours are created by combining foods not our of a jar or a tin or a takeaway packet.

Yes I could have chopped all of this in the thermo in a few seconds but far more valuable to teach them to cut it up (and awesome for their dexterity!)

Tonight we made gorgeous lentil bolognaise from @quirkycooking filled with extra veg and some garlic sourdough dipper bread.

Freakin’ delish and these two were super proud of themselves. Granted the kitchen took me an hour to clean up but that’s life hey?!

We’ve got to teach our kids that it’s normal to eat a rainbow of coloured veggies Every. Damn. Day.

My boys are using @kiddykutter knives which are really fantastic (not affiliated just love them!)

Lots of freshly picked #greens from the garden and plenty of other gorgeous veggies.

Get your kids cooking. It doesn’t matter what you make – just get them in the kitchen and connected to food. Number 1 tip for fussy eaters! Alisa x

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