I don’t want my kids to eat fake food. Do you?

gorgeous apples!


I love Saturdays. We buy an organic box of fresh veggies every Saturday and it’s awesome for so many reasons. It costs $55 and is filled with the most amazing seasonal produce.  I highly recommend finding your closest farmers market or organic co-op. Organics can be bought cheaply if you search and find.

The food is FRESH. You can smell it. It’s picked the day before. The food is dirty and sometimes has bugs on it. I love this best! Because I know it’s real food that real living things want to be on!

Washing the Veg!
Washing the Veg!

Getting kids connected to food

It’s a big deal in our house – we go and pick up the box together, we come home and we wash it – one piece at a time. We talk about how the food is grown, how it looks and how we are going to prepare it.  It’s such a beautiful and important thing to get children involved and CONNECTED to the foods they eat. If you only shop in supermarkets – there is no connection to the food.

Eating and working!
Eating and working!

It’s been in storage for weeks, highly likely been irradiated (low level radiation to stop it ripening too fast) to stop it going bad. This is why so much of the fruit and veg does not taste of anything and sometimes does not ripen.  It’s amazing how many children don’t actually know the names of basic fruit and vegetables.  If you want that to change with your children and you want them to eat more vegetables – you have to get them involved in all aspects of food. This builds a healthy relationship with what they eat and how they nourish their bodies.

Keeping it real!

I love that my children are also learning that real home grown food does not look like the food in Coles and Woolies. It’s not shiny and it’s not perfect. Far from it – in fact these carrots are pretty goddam uneasy on the eye!!

Hairy Carrots!!
Hairy Carrots!!

In fact sometimes it has bumps and lumps and weird hairs and odd spots – but it’s REAL.  Like in life. I don’t want airbrushed food.  I don’t want an airbrushed life. My life and my body is full of flaws and faults and this is authentic and real. Our food is the same.  I don’t want my kids to eat fake food. Do you??


Real VS Fake

I don’t think eating an apple from Coles/Woolies that is shiny and flawless but heavily sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, cleaned with bleach, irradiated then covered in wax to make it look visually appealing is what I want my 3 year old twins munching on.  Give me a spotty apple any day.

Thank you!

So thank you to those farmers who bring us this amazing organic food. We appreciate it.  We are grateful for it. It nourishes us. It truly matters for our children and for ourselves. Happy Organic Box weekend to all!

Organic Box
Organic Box



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