To Risk..

Connection and Risk. This trip overseas to Indonesia was a huge achievement for me. It was my first time travelling alone overseas with my kids since my separation. While this is not a big deal for some, for me it was huge, as someone with a serious heart condition and prosthetic heart valve – who is unable to get any medical or travel insurance leaving the country with twins on my own. My heart struggles in hot weather as it has to work harder – as do my energy levels and I had be mindful around my anxiety leading up to this trip about the safety of my children should anything go wrong with my heart while we’re away in another country.
I almost cancelled this trip twice but decided to go knowing that the biggest risk in life is to take no risk at all. And it was worth it. So worth it. I treasured every moment of connection with these boys I’ve been lucky enough to mother. They challenged me daily both physically and mentally but for them personal risk I will always take. Less technology. Less toys. Less No’s. Less stuff. More holidays. More connection. More risk. More Yes’s. More new experiences. More fun. And we rocked it. And the volcano 🌋 stayed calm. 🙏🌴 And so did I.

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