4 Ways You Might be Knocking Your Child’s Confidence (without realising it)

Whose child could do with a confidence boost right now? A lot of kids are feeling a little unsure of themselves at the moment and need a little help with finding their feet again after the onslaught of change they’ve been through.

Confidence building is a delicate dance and as children get older, that confidence can be as important as the skills themselves. To thrive, kids need to trust in their own capabilities while, at the same time, knowing that they can handle it if they aren’t successful at something. They need to learn how to rebound from failure as also to do something successfully with and without our help to develop a healthy self-confidence.

The challenge is allowing them the time to work things out themselves. We’re all so busy and its much easier sometimes to take over or hurry them along. However, it’s good to be aware that by doing this we might be unintentionally knocking their self-esteem, without even realising it! Here are the top 4 Confidence Knockers to be aware of.

4 Confidence Knockers

Constantly criticising them

Kids often do things their own way, which is not always the most effective. However, rather than constantly correcting them, we can also comment on what they’re doing well. As we notice this, we can express these thoughts to them.

Only loving them when they’re doing well

Rather than waiting until they’ve achieved a milestone or gotten a result, we can give them feedback along the way by commenting on the little bits of effort they’re putting in. When they put effort in, this needs to be acknowledged.

Doing things for them they can do themselves

Part of confidence building is kids learning to do something by themselves. A great way to do this is teach them and then step back. Once they feel competent with doing something, there’s a sense of pride that goes with this.

Always rushing them

Our kids need time to work things out for themselves. Many learn through doing and this takes time. Consider taking a moment longer with your child rather than hurrying them along so they have a chance to make sense of their environment in their own time.

Confidence building is something that needs to be nurtured daily with our little ones. Remember to encourage them to try new things allow them to fail. Learning not to give up at the first frustration or bail after one setback is an important life skill. Self-esteem building is about being resilient enough to keep trying when things don’t go our way. And above all else, kids need to know that they’re loved no matter what. Is there something you’ve done with your child to boost their confidence?

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